Thursday, 15 December 2022

Salvation Day - Book Review


Salvation Day
by Kali Wallace

What is it about:
A lethal virus is awoken on an abandoned spaceship in this incredibly fast-paced, claustrophobic thriller.

They thought the ship would be their salvation.

Zahra knew every detail of the plan. House of Wisdom, a massive exploration vessel, had been abandoned by the government of Earth a decade earlier, when a deadly virus broke out and killed everyone on board in a matter of hours. But now it could belong to her people if they were bold enough to take it. All they needed to do was kidnap Jaswinder Bhattacharya—the sole survivor of the tragedy, and the last person whose genetic signature would allow entry to the spaceship.

But what Zahra and her crew could not know was what waited for them on the ship—a terrifying secret buried by the government. A threat to all of humanity that lay sleeping alongside the orbiting dead.

And then they woke it up.

What did I think of ot:
I read the blurb of this book and was immediately intrigued. I decided to try a short story by Wallace first and when I loved that story and Wallace's writing style, I decided to get this book.

And this is such a cool read!

It's told from both the viewpoint of Zahra and Jaswinder/Jas. I liked both of them, and even though Zahra is strictly seen a bad guy I could understand why she thinks what she is doing is right. I was rooting for her from the start.

Jas is a great character as well. He is forced to return to the spaceship he barely survived the first time he was on board when he was just a kid. Now he has to face his ghosts as well as trying to get out alive once again.

As Zahra's Team enters the ship with Jas and other hostages, things start to go wrong, and strange things start happening. They will have to figure out what went wrong all those years ago, and what is happening now. 

I loved everything about this story! It's suspenseful, creepy, there's strife between Zahra's team and the hostages, strife within Zahra's team, long buried secrets, and so much more cool stuff!

The ending is totally satisfying as well, and you bet I'll be reading more by Wallace soon.

Why should you read it:
It's an amazing SF thriller.

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