Monday, 20 August 2012

Blood and Silver - Book Review

Blood and Silver (Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty-Hunter #2)
by James R. Tuck

What is it about:
He hasn't met a monster yet that could give him a scare. With ice in his veins, silver hollow-points in his chambers, and an innate ability to rise from the dead, what's to fear? The answer may be something he doesn't want to face.

Deacon Chalk normally has no trouble telling innocent victims from real monsters. So protecting an abused pregnant Were-dog is a no-brainer... until a vicious lycanthrope leader and his brotherhood target Deacon, other shape-shifters, and any humans in their way.

Suddenly, Deacon is outnumbered, outgunned, and unsure wo - or what - to trust. The only edge he has left is a weapon hungry for his soul and his most savage impulses. And using it will exact a price even this hell-raising hunter fears to pay...

What did I think of it:
I very much enjoyed this book.

Reading a Deacon Chalk book is much like watching a good action movie. There's lots of kick-ass fighting, cool shoot-outs, and explosions.

I must say I even enjoyed this book more than Blood and Bullets. I liked Deacon more as he was more human, more believable than in the first book. He also went through some changes that made him more interesting and real.

The story was very engaging: there was intrigue, lots of action and I really liked the diversity of the were-animals. I especially liked the were-rabbits I will confess.

I will most certainly try to get hold of the next book in this series and while I'm waiting for its release I will grab hold of the Deacon Chalk e-novellas Tuck has written.

Why should you read it:
It's got were-rabbits and were-sharks!

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M.A.D. said...

Just from the cover you can tell this guy is a *kick-azz, take names later* kinda hero lol

Heck, he even scared me :O

Sullivan McPig said...

If he scared you, he must be real scary ;-)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Okay, were-rabbits and were-sharks got my attention. lol. I have the first book and need to get to it. :D Thank you!

Melliane said...

I'll have to try this series, I heard great things about it and it sounds really interesting. thanks for the review!