Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sapphire - Book Review by Voodoo Bride

Sapphire by Jeffe Kennedy

What is it about:
A successful executive, M. Taylor Hamilton is on track with her ten-year plan. Too bad her personal life consists of hitting the gym and grocery shopping. Enter the seductive Adam Kirliss. They may have a working relationship, but everything changes at an office party when he handcuffs her to the rail of a yacht.

Taylor writes off the adventure as too much champagne, but when Adam challenges her to a date, she agrees to meet up with him. And follow his rules. They share a night of exquisite intimacy, brimming with both pain and pleasure. But afterward, fearful of losing her heart, Taylor pulls back emotionally.

Adam is determined to prove that she longs for the loss of control he can give her—and the passionate release it provides. How can he make her see that he wants her, and not just her body?

What did Voodoo Bride think of it:
This is a seriously hot BDSM romance for adult readers.
Taylor is someone who taught herself that being strong means not feeling anything and always being in control. Luckily Adam Kirliss is able to see beyond the mask Taylor has donned and he takes it upon himself to show Taylor what she is missing by hiding behind her iron clad facade.

The BDSM scenes are delicious and steaming hot. I love Adam Kirliss: he's one hunky alpha hero who knows what he wants and doesn't shy away from using extreme measures to get it (although he makes sure not to cross boundaries that shouldn't be crossed without permission).

Next to this story being an intense and sizzling erotic fantasy for those who love forced seduction and BDSM, this story is about what strength really is. I loved this deeper layer to the story and cheered Taylor on to give in to her deepest desires and to let go of her fears and truly become a strong person.

All in all this is a very intense and satisfying read and I can't wait for Kennedy's next story.

Why should you read it:
It's a delicious and sizzling hot BDSM romance

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Jeffe Kennedy said...

Thanks for the lovely review!

Laura Bickle said...

How wonderful! :-D