Thursday 6 April 2017

The Demon Prince - Book Review by Voodoo Bride

The Demon Prince (Ars Numina #2)
by Ann Aguirre

What is it about:
Charming. Irreverent. Haunted.
Alastor Vega is the sole challenger in a brutal battle for succession. Against all odds, he must stop his power-mad brother, Tycho, before he destroys the Numina. Though he never wanted to rule, he must claim the throne and liberate his people, or the consequences will be calamitous. Yet only the surprising support of a beautiful Animari doctor gives him the fortitude to fight.

Focused. Analytical. Solitary.
Dr. Sheyla Halek has always been more interested in research than personal contact, but family ties—and the needs of her pride—keep her in Ash Valley, deferring her dreams. Brusque and abrasive at the best of times, she never expected to bond with anyone, let alone Golgoth royalty. Strangely, Alastor seems to need her as no one has before, and not only for her medical skills.

Their attraction is forbidden, likely doomed beyond the wildness of wartime, but these fires burn too hot and sweet to be contained…

What did Voodoo Bride think of it:
*warning: spoiler about the romance*

I really liked Alastor in the first book of this series, so I was happy to see this book was about him.

The story and romance started out enjoyable, and at first I had the feeling I might like this book even more than The Leopard King. But then the romance took a turn towards a menage...

For people who don't think three is a crowd, this is probably a really great romance with some steamy scenes, but for me the romance part of this book was not what I wanted when I started on it. To be honest: I think Alastor didn't need Sheyla. I might have liked the romance better if it had been between him and the third party in this menage. What was glimpsed of their relationship it would have been a tenser and more satisfying story.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not slamming menages and/or threesomes, but I personally like my romances one on one. I tried reading romances with more than two people involved, and it just isn't my cup of tea. I hadn't expected one in this book, so it took me by surprise.

That aside, the world and the series story arc were intriguing enough to keep me reading until the end. Some things happen that make me curious what will happen to other characters and with the world overall. Most probably I'll be reading the next book, although I might bail out if this menage thing keeps turning up with the upcoming romances.

Why should you read it:
It's a PNR with cool worldbuilding and an enjoyable overall storyline

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Maia said...

Je hebt me overgehaald. Ik heb nu een en twee gekocht van deze serie. Heb zelf geen probleem met menage, dus het minpuntje is juist een pluspunt.
Nu nog tijd om het te lezen voordat we naar Berlijn gaan...