Friday 7 April 2017

World of Ash - Book Review (repost)

World of Ash
by Shauna Granger

What is it about:
There are two inherent truths in the world: life as we know it is over, and monsters are real.

The Pestas came in the night, spreading their pox, a deadly plague that decimated the population. Kat, one of the unlucky few who survived, is determined to get to her last living relative and find shelter from the pox that continues to devastate the world. When it mutates and becomes airborne, Kat is desperate to avoid people because staying alone might be her only chance to stay alive.

That is, until she meets Dylan. Dylan, with his easy smile and dark, curly hair, has nowhere to go and no one to live for. He convinces Kat there can be safety in numbers, that they can watch out for each other. So the unlikely couple set off together through the barren wasteland to find a new life – if they can survive the roaming Pestas, bands of wild, gun-toting children, and piles of burning, pox-ridden bodies.

What did I think of it:
As you know I got a weakness for post apocalyptic stories, so when I heard about this book I had to read it.

And this is such a cool read!

The mood of this story is dark and grim and even though it's written in present tense I was hooked from the start. I barely noticed the present tense, I was that involved in what was going on.

Kat is a character I can relate to. She's cautious and a bit cynical. It's clear from some flashbacks that this isn't who she used to be before the plague though. And then there's Dylan. He's the opposite of Kat in a lot of ways and the interaction between the two of them is cool to read.

There's lots of suspenseful situations and I couldn't stop reading. When one dangerous situation was resolved, the next crisis popped up, keeping me on the edge of my seat. I only stopped reading when I had to and finished it in a day.

I'm very glad that this isn't a standalone, and that Granger is working on a sequel, because I need more!

Why should you read it:
It's a cool and grim Post Apocalyptic read.

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