Monday 19 February 2024

An Update on my challenges


So I know we're not even 2 months into the year, but I wanted to give an update on my challenges anyway.

So far I read 3 TBR Orphans, oldest so far was on my shelves since April 2021.

Karma Marx duology: Done!
House Immortal trilogy: Done!
Dark Swan series: 3 read, 1 to go
Jessie Shimmer trilogy: 1 read, 2 to go
Souls of Fire series: 2 read, 2 to go

But.... I  managed to add another series to my list...
The Esther Diamond series.
I found the first 4 books on sale, so it only seemed fair to add them to my list of  series I want to finish in 2024.
So far: 1 read 1, 3 are in my TBR, 3 books to track down. (there is mention of an book #8, but that was never released it seems, so I'm keeping this series at 7 total.)

How's your reading going?

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