Wednesday 14 February 2024

Navigating the Stars - Book Review


Navigating the Stars (Sentinels of the Galaxy #1)
by Maria V. Snyder

What is it about:
“The answer is no, Lyra,” my mother utters her favorite—I swear—phrase.

No means I have to travel with them to another planet—again.

No means leaving all my friends fifty years in the past. Thanks, Einstein.

Seventeen-year-old Lyra Daniels can’t truly blame Einstein or her parents for their impending move across the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s all due to the invention of the Q-net, which made traveling the vast distances in space possible—with one big caveat: the time dilation. But that never stopped Lyra's ancestors from exploring the Milky Way, searching for resources and exoplanets to colonize. What they didn’t expect to find is life-sized terracotta Warriors buried on twenty-one different exoplanets.

... Make that twenty-two.

As the Galaxy’s leading experts on the Warriors, Lyra's parents are thrilled by the new discovery, sending them—and her—fifty years into the future. Her social life in ruins, she fills her lonely days by illegally worming into the Q-net. The only person close to her age is the annoyingly irresistible security officer who threatens to throw her into the brig.

After the planet they just left goes silent—meaning no communications from them at all—security has bigger problems to deal with than Lyra, especially when vital data files go missing. But that's just the beginning, because they’re not as alone as they thought on their new planet... and suddenly time isn't the only thing working against them.

What did I think of it:
This is a really cool read!

Lyra can be reckless at times, but I liked her from the start. Not so much her love interest, but what else is new?

The science behind the space travel was intriguing and I loved seeing how Snyder used it. The strange warriors and what going on with them had me invested in the story as well.

Some things I could see coming from miles away, but not in an annoying way. Other things left me guessing, and I am eager to get my trotters on the next book to see where this series is going.

Highly advised to anyone who loves a well thought out SF story.

Why should you read it:
It's a really cool YA SF read.

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