Thursday, 1 November 2012

Vigilare: Hellhound - Book Review

Vigilare: Hell Hound (Vigilare, #2)
by Brooklyn James

What is it about:
A red hue emerges, where once it was only emerald green!

Now accepting of her position, Vigilare is propelled into a twist on Greek Mythology's Cerberus―Hell Hound―a rival Vigilare with fire capabilities. ETNA harbored her blood. Have they created a monster they cannot control? Along with her motley crew, the dashing Detective Tony Gronkowski, wily hematologist Dr. Godfrey and suspicious Emily Truly, Vigilare comes face to face with her past in the form of the hellish one.

As the city of New Orleans and its Gambini mafia family are under siege with Vigilare drones, the power hungry Emily wastes no time in solidifying her place in the ranks when she exposes Vigilare to the menacing Hell Hound. Newcomer, Maxim Kiesel, the steel blue-eyed prodigy graced with icy powers may very well be the antidote, or the ultimate traitor.

Will Vigilare give up her role, sacrificing her immortality to stop Hell Hound? The second in a trilogy, Vigilare: Hell Hound―when power is given, the true testament of one's character will rise.

What did I think of it:
A very intriguing read.

Just as the first book in this trilogy this book explores the fine line that lies between good and evil. Are you still a good guy when you kill someone even if he's done very bad things? Is it evil to want revenge? What does it take to turn someone from good to evil?

This book was less violent than the first one, but just as dualistic and it made me think about my own world views. The story was really interesting and full of action, mystery and deceit.

I did have some trouble with some of the characters. Most of them had world views I couldn't share and that made me dislike and distrust them. I really liked Tony though and Vigilare is a very intriguing character as well. Her growth and change throughout the story was interesting to read.

All in all this is a cool and intriguing read. I'm curious how this trilogy will end, so I will most probably pick up the last book to satisfy my curiosity.

Why should you read it:
It's an intriguing read about good and evil.

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Aurian said...

It sounds good, but I am not sure this series is for me. Glad you enjoyed it mostly though.