Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blue Moon - Book Review

Blue Moon (Nightcreature #1) by Lori Handeland

What is it about:
Miniwa, Wisconsin is under siege, but not by the usual summer tourists. The area's normally shy wolf population has begun stalking human prey, and their victims have been disappearing...or worse. Something is happening in the woods. Something brutal and primitive...

Officer Jessie McQuade has seen plenty in her years on the force-but nothing as intriguing as the gorgeous, naked man she encounters while tracking a rogue wolf. Professor Will Cadotte is a Native American activist. He's also the only man capable of distracting Jessie from her work. And for a cop, distraction-no matter how pleasurable-can be deadly. It's against Jessie's better judgment to accept Will's help in her investigation, yet she soon finds herself doing exactly that-and more. Will's dark, penetrating eyes see into a part of Jessie's soul she never knew existed. It's exhilarating...and terrifying.
Now, as a town's deepest secrets come to light, no one is safe: not friends, lovers, or strangers. And as Jessie follows a bloody trail to the shocking truth, she'll have to decide who she can trust when the moon is full...

What did me and Voodoo Bride think of it:
A nice start of what could be a cool series.
The story is suspenseful and full of action and the romance is hot according to Voodoo Bride. I liked Jessie: she's a no nonsense kind of woman who takes action when needed. The writing is decent and I loved the world building and setting. My one negative point is that Handeland used some obvious tricks to try to make the story even more suspenseful, but because they were so obvious they only managed to annoy me. Apart from that, this book is an enjoyable Paranormal Romance and we'll probably pick up more books in this series in the future.

Why should you read it:
It's got werewolves and romance.

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