Monday, 22 August 2011

Follow My Lead - Book Review by Voodoo Bride

Follow My Lead by Kate Noble

What is it about:
Being the most sought-after bachelor in London can be trying. Jason Cummings, Duke of Rayne, should know. But when he winds up an unwilling escort to the headstrong Winnifred Crane on a trip across Europe, he realizes he'll do anything to keep this independent beauty safe-even if it means marrying her.

What did Voodoo Bride think of it:

I must say I was surprised by this Historical Romance.
I'm used to there being a whirlwind romance after the instant attraction when the hero and heroine first meet. In this story however the attraction that grows between the lead characters is a slow, but steady thing. It is build step by step while Jason and Winnifred travel Europe and find themselves falling from one adventure into the next.
It was different and rather sweet I must say.

The villain of this story however is just as much a cardboard villain as in most Historical Romances that feature a villain, but as his presence is needed to send Jason and Winnifred on their journey, which is hilarious, daunting and above all very entertaining to read, I will not judge too harshly.

So, while this book wasn't what I expected, I did enjoy it and I will probably try other books by Noble in the future.

Why should you read it:
It's a sweet, adventure-filled Historical Romance

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