Wednesday 14 December 2016

Alphas - Book Review

Alphas (Alphas #1)
by Lisi Harrison

What is it about:
At OCD the losers are tormented.

At Alpha Academy, they're sent home.

Skye Hamilton has scored an invitation to the ultra-exclusive Alphas-only boarding school where beta is spelled LBR . What happens when the country's best, brightest, and hawtest begin clawing and scratching their way to the top?

What did I think of it:
I'm a sucker for boarding school stories, so that's how I ended up giving this book a try.

Pet Peeve number one: When the girls would say things like 'really' or something like that it was spelled sort of phonetically. Only because I'm not American to me it looked really dumb.

Pet Peeve number two: Weird speak. One girl kept talking about lip-kissing. I wondered what kind of kissing she usually got up to that she had to specify she was talking about normal kissing.

Those two things could have been overlooked if the rest of the story was good, but alas...

Most of the girls start out really obnoxious and bratty. Instead of them growing on me, or growing up, they only spiraled further out of control and even the one girl I liked at the start of the book was starting to act dodgy. By the end of the book I hated all of them! If these girls are the countries best and brightest, the country is doomed!

It will be safe to say I won't be reading the next book in this series.

Why should you read it:
Maybe you like obnoxious and bratty teens.

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