Tuesday 27 December 2016

The Edge of the Blade - Book Review (repost)

It's release day for The Edge of the Blade by Jeffe Kennedy, so here's a repost of my review.

Go buy this awesome Fantasy Romance!

The Edge of the Blade (The Uncharted Realms #2)
by Jeffe Kennedy

What is it about:
"The Twelve Kingdoms rest uneasy under their new High Queen, reeling from civil war and unchecked magics. Few remember that other powers once tested their borders until a troop of foreign warriors emerges with a challenge..."
Jepp has been the heart of the queen s elite guard, her Hawks, since long before war split her homeland. But the ease and grace that come to her naturally in fighting leathers disappears when battles turn to politics. When a scouting party arrives from far-away Dasnaria, bearing veiled threats and subtle bluffs, Jepp is happy to let her queen puzzle them out while she samples the pleasures of their prince s bed.
But the cultural norms allow that a Dasnarian woman may be wife or bed-slave, never her own leader and Jepp s light use of Prince Kral has sparked a diplomatic crisis. Banished from court, she soon becomes the only envoy to Kral s strange and dangerous country, with little to rely on but her wits, her knives and the smolder of anger and attraction that burns between her and him...

What did I think of it:
As some if you may know I'm a total fanpiggy of Jeffe and her books, so it may not come as a surprise when I tell you I LOVE this book.

But there is so much to love about this book! And not just for fanpiggies like me.

Jepp is a wonderful heroine. She is confident, knows her strengths and weaknesses, and doesn't mince her words. Kral has been raised to think of women as creatures who should be cared for and sheltered (to the point of slavery). He's the perfect hero to spar with the freedom loving Jepp. and spar they do. The banter (and romance) between Jepp and Kral is fun and delicious.

I also loved seeing Dasnaria and learning more about the land and the culture. Most of the time spend in Dasnaria Jepp and Kral are in one place, but still you learn a lot about how the Dasnarians think.

New characters are introduced and some are so intriguing I hope they get their own book. Others are vile and/or dangerous and made that I worried for Jepp. At times the odds are high and it was only the knowledge that this is a Fantasy Romance that I didn't get too nervous. Jeffe sure knows how to tell an awesome romance while also giving you a very suspenseful story - both keeping you reading to find out what happens next.

The ending had quite a punch, and while I was satisfied it also made me hungry for more books in this wonderful world. Luckily it looks like there will be at least one more book, if not more.

Why should you read it:
It's an awesome Fantasy Romance read.

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