Thursday 1 December 2016

Nightmare Ink - Book Review (repost)

Nightmare Ink (Living Ink #1)
by Marcella Burnard


What is it about:
With her art and magic, Isa Romanchzyk has the power to create or destroy. In her tattoo shop, Nightmare Ink, Isa helps those in need by binding the power embedded in their Live Ink—the magical tattoos that can enhance the life of the wearer, or end it. But binding tattoos has earned Isa the contempt of her fellow artists—including her former lover Daniel.

When a friend comes to the shop with a tattoo on the verge of killing him, Isa can’t turn him away. For the first time in years, she works Live Ink—something she swore she’d never do again. But a broken vow soon becomes the least of her problems.

The real nightmare begins when she’s abducted and inked with a Living Tattoo against her will. Now, saddled with a powerful, amoral entity willing to do anything to win his freedom, Isa must fight to keep her Living Tattoo from consuming her completely...

What did I think of it:
I absolutely love all of Burnard's books I've read so far, so when I heard she had written an Urban Fantasy I had to read that as well of course.

And this is such a cool read!

The idea of Live Ink is really intriguing. At the start of the story there are a few hints about what these magical tattoos are, but later in the story it gets more and more clear that people who get Live Ink are in for a lot more than they know.

Isa is a complex, but very likeable, heroine. She wants to do the right thing, but it's hard at times for to see what the right thing is. She has been hurt, has her secrets (even for herself) and this made her cautious. She's not your average Urban Fantasy kick-ass heroine, but she has an inner strength that keeps her going.

There are lots of other cool characters as well, I really liked Isa's friends. They were there for her when she really needed them.

The story was suspenseful and had me hooked from the start. I kept worrying and wondering where things would go, and if Isa would find a way to survive what's happening to her. There's lots of intense situations, and lots of action.

The ending had me eager for more. Some major plot-lines get a resolution, but there are enough things left open that I need to know what will be next. I will most certainly get my trotters on the next book once it releases.

Why should you read it:
It's a really cool Urban Fantasy read.

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