Thursday 29 December 2016

Sweet - Book Review

by Emmy Laybourne

What is it about:
The luxurious celebrity cruise launching the trendy new diet sweetener Solu should be the vacation of a lifetime. But Laurel is starting to regret accepting her friend Viv’s invitation. She's already completely embarrassed herself in front of celebrity host Tom Forelli—the hottest guy ever!—and she's too sick to even try the sweetener. And that's before Viv and all the other passengers start acting really strange.

Tom knows that he should be grateful for this job and the chance to shed his former-child-star image. His publicists have even set up a 'romance' with a sexy reality star. But as things on the ship start to get wild, he finds himself drawn to a different girl. And when the hosting gig turns into an expose on the shocking side effects of Solu, it's Laurel that he's determined to save.

What did I think of it:
This is a really fun read.

I will confess I had expected the mayhem to start sooner, but even so I enjoyed this book from start to finish.

I very much liked Laurel. She's got a lot of insecurities, but I liked that her weight wasn't one of them. She went along with her friend for the luxurious cruise and not for the weight loss part of it. For a change it was the male lead who has a difficult relationship with food and his weight. I liked how Laybourne shows that both men and women can be insecure about their weight.

As I said the real mayhem starts quite late in the book, but I must say I enjoyed the events that lead up to the catastrophe. Laybourne knows how to combine humor, suspense, and horror elements and I was totally engrossed. The cruise ship is the perfect place for this story to play out. Nothing so scary as people starting to act creepy and no way to escape them.

All in all this is a very entertaining read and you bet I'll be keeping an eye out for Laybourne's next book.

Why should you read it:
It's a fun and suspenseful YA read

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