Friday, 18 December 2015

The Fallen - Book Review

The Fallen (The Enemy #5)
by Charlie Higson

What is it about:
First the sickness rotted the adults' minds. Then their bodies. Now they stalk the streets, hunting human flesh.

The Holloway crew are survivors. They've fought their way across London and made it to the Natural History Museum alive - just. But the fight will never end while the Enemy lives, unless there's another way...

The kids at the museum are looking for a cure. All they need are medical supplies. To get them means a journey down unknown roads. Roads where not only crazed, hungry sickos hide in the shadows. Suddenly it's not so clear who - or what - they're fighting.

What did I think of it:
It's been a while since I read the other books in this series, so it took a bit of effort to get back into the story. These books not following each other chronologically, but skipping back and forth in time, or taking place at the same time, does make it even more difficult to keep track of events.

Still after the first few chapters I was back on track and once again gripped by the story.

There's lots of action and overall mayhem. Higson still doesn't shy away from killing off what seem like important characters, and adds more strange and creepy events and characters to the mix. There were some new characters I wasn't so sure about, but maybe they'll grow on me (if they live long enough).

It does seem like things are heading more and more towards an end game. With two more books to go I'm very curious what will happen next, and if at least some of my favorite characters will survive.

The book does end with a cliffhanger. Luckily I have the next book in my TBR pile, although if the next book will continue where this one left off is anyone's guess. That just means I will have to make sure to get the last book in this series soon as well ;-)

Why should you read it:
This is a really cool post-apocalyptic series for younger teens.

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