Friday, 3 May 2013

Impromptu Giveaway

I am giving away one copy of Dead Until Dark (or one of the other Sookie Stackhouse books as long as it costs no more than 8 Euro) because I think this series and author can use a little love at the moment.

The rules:
- Leave a comment telling me what book you recently read and enjoyed
- Leave a way for me to contact you
- Do so before May 20th 2013

Open to everyone who is old enough to be allowed to read the offered book(s) and enter this giveaway and lives somewhere where the Bookdepository ships to.


Becky B. (Bibliognome) said...

One book I recently read and enjoyed was ALIEN IN THE HOUSE by Gini Koch, love that series and it continues to go in exciting/fun new directions. :)

I can be contacted on Twitter, @GeckyBoz

miki said...

Thank you a lot for this giveaway ^^ i've heard of this series but i never tried it so it could be the opportunity to do so.

I recently read demon hunting in Dixie by lexi george and i've become a huge fan ^^ can't wait for the others books to arrive ( the postman is taking too long)


Mary Preston said...

I finished reading BATTLE ROYALE by Koushun Takam not long ago. It's incredible.


erin said...

I just read Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts. It was good but didn't blow my socks off.


Barbara E. said...

A book I recently read and really enjoyed was Bec McMaster's Kiss of Steel. I can't wait to read more in her London Steampunk series. I've really enjoyed Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series, and I'm just missing a couple of the books.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

88dreamers said...

I recently started reading the Chemical Garden series, I've finished Wither and started on Fever just today and can't wait to read more, am really enjoying the series.

Melliane said...

Thanks for the nice giveaway. I confess the situation is really sad but I'm curious to read the last book now.

So what book??? Oh yes the one I've finished today, Shapeshifted by Cassie Alexander was awesome I love the series. Have you tried it?