Friday, 17 May 2013

Rise - Book Review

Rise (Eve #3)
by Anna Carey

What is it about:
When she lost her soul mate, Caleb, Eve felt like her world had ended. Trapped in the palace, forced to play the part of the happy, patriotic princess of The New America—and the blushing bride of her father's top adviser—Eve's whole life is a lie. The only thing that keeps her going is Caleb's memory, and the revolution he started.

Now, Eve is taking over where Caleb left off. With the help of Moss, an undercover subversive in the King's court, she plots to take down The New America, beginning with the capital, the City of Sand. Will Eve be able to bring about a new, free world when she's called upon to perform the ultimate act of rebellion—killing her father?

What did I think of it:
I'm almost sad this is the last book in this trilogy, because it's the best one of them all. It's like Eve and Carey's storytelling matured together in this trilogy and I will have to keep an eye out for what Carey writes next.

There were some small things that I found unbelievable. Eve still is special of course, so her husband adores her and therefor will not force her to do anything she doesn't want. For a princess she also gets to roam the city pretty much undisturbed instead of being kept under close guard.

But those minor annoyances aside this story was pretty good. Eve is finally learning to think beyond her own limited world and to reach out and help others. She's finally taking action instead of letting others decide her life for her and even though she's not always smart about it, she's at least trying to make a difference.

I won't get into the ending to much, because that would be too spoilery, but I have to say I really liked how Carey handled it. For me it was a perfect ending to this trilogy.

All in all this is a very good story that kept me reading until I finished it and while the other books were enjoyable enough to want to keep reading this trilogy, it's this book that will make me want to reread it in the future. I will probably try to get hold of other books by Carey as well.

Why should you read it:
It's an interesting and enjoyable Dystopian YA read.

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I really love the covers of this series, I should try one day.