Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Reach - Book Review

Reach (Twin-Bred, #2)
by Karen A. Wyle

What is it about:
Scientist Mara Cadell created the Twin-Bred -- pairs of fraternal twins, one human and one Tofa -- to bridge the profound and dangerous gap between the human colonists on Tofarn and the indigenous Tofa. Unexpectedly, it is the Tofa host mothers who now claim the capacity to bring peace between the two. The Twin-Bred themselves have been forced to abandon their mission and their planet, in the hope of finding a less hostile home. Only one pair remain behind, seeking to build new and separate lives with their
own kind.

But Mara and the Twin-Bred should know by now that plans provide little protection. New challenges are in store for all the Twin-Bred, and for those whose lives they touch.

What did I think of it:
A more than worthy sequel to Twin-Bred.

I will confess I had expected Reach to be completely about the humans and Tofa who left Tofarn to find a new world for themselves. So I was surprised when it turned out the story is as much about those left behind as it is about them. I was happy with this choice though as both the storyline set on Tofarn and the storyline following the travels of the space faring Twin-Bred are very suspenseful and intense.

The things happening on Tofan are a continuation of problems that started in Twin-Bred and it leads those of the twin-bred who decided to stay on Tofarn into danger. I really loved this storyline as it showed more of the Tofa and their culture.

Meanwhile the twin-bred who left Tofarn encounter their own problems and they have decisions to make that might have huge consequences. Wyle does a great job in showing how some things are universal and that the best solution to your problems is facing them.

Overall this is a compelling story about acceptance and trust. About the importance of trying to understand each other and accepting each others differences. This story shows we’re a long way from reaching these goals, but it also shows we can learn. All in all I enjoyed this book and I wouldn't mind when Wyle decides to write more books in this series.

Why should you read it:
It’s a compelling SciFi read.

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Hmm I like it. Getting Anne McCaffrey vibes here ...