Saturday 12 February 2011

Revelation - Book Review

Revelation (Mass Effect #1) by Drew Karpyshyn

What is it about:
Every advanced society in the galaxy relies on the technology of the Protheans, an ancient species that vanished fifty thousand years ago. After discovering a cache of Prothean technology on Mars in 2148, humanity is spreading to the stars; the newest interstellar species, struggling to carve out its place in the greater galactic community.

On the edge of colonized space, ship commander and Alliance war hero David Anderson investigates the remains of a top secret military research station; smoking ruins littered with bodies and unanswered questions. Who attacked this post and for what purpose? And where is Kahlee Sanders, the young scientist who mysteriously vanished from the base–hours before her colleagues were slaughtered?

Sanders is now the prime suspect, but finding her creates more problems for Anderson than it solves. Partnered with a rogue alien agent he can’t trust and pursued by an assassin he can’t escape, Anderson battles impossible odds on uncharted worlds to uncover a sinister conspiracy . . . one he won’t live to tell about. Or so the enemy thinks

What did I think of it:
A decent story that stays true to the Mass Effect universe as created for the computer game Mass Effect, but otherwise it falls a bit flat. It might give something new to those unfamiliar with the game, but to me it didn't really give me anything I didn't already know or guess. On top of that the writing was a bit static. The characters and their thoughts were merely shown to me instead of making me feel and understand them. Chances of me picking up another novel set in the Mass Effect universe are slim, I think I'll stick to the game which I absolutely love.

Why should you read it:
It's a nice addition to the Mass Effect universe.

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Katie Dalton said...

Sounds like one I will pass on. :) Very honest review, thank you for sharing.