Friday, 16 March 2018

Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook - Review

Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook
by Green Ronin

What is it about:
The Dragon Age RPG brings Thedas to your tabletop!

Now you can experience BioWare's rich and engaging world in a classic pen & paper roleplaying game. This new Core Rulebook combines the rules and background of the original game under one cover for the first time, and adds a brand new adventure as well.

The game system is easy to learn and play, and the book is packed with lore from the world of Thedas. Dragon Age also features an innovative stunt system that keeps combat and spellcasting tense and exciting.

So gather your friends, grab some dice, and get ready to enter a world of mages and templars, of Grey Wardens and darkspawn, of gods and demons ... the world of Dragon Age!

What did I think of it:
Some of you might know I'm pretty much addicted to the computer game Dragon Age. When I discovered there's a tabletop rpg of Dragon Age as well, I had to get the book.

And this is a great book for those into roleplaying games.

This book combines both the Player's Guide and the Game Master's Guide, so with this one book you have everything you need to play the game. I liked that the game uses standard 6 sided dice, so people new to roleplaying don't need to go out to find special dice. (I myself got a set of special Dragon Age dice from a friend, I'll add: 6 sided dice with special colors and pictures on them. Not needed, but fun!)

There are three basic classes like in the computer game (warrior, rogue, mage), but there are lots of different backgrounds to chose from, all with their own abilities and traits, so the customization of the characters is more than adequate.

The rules seem easy, with some extra rules you could add if you want things to be more challenging.

Next to the character creation and the rules, there are chapters about the world, the history of the world, adventures you can play, and lots of tips on how to roleplay. I myself have been playing all different kinds of roleplaying games for over 20 years, but the way things are explained make that this is a great book for people new to roleplaying games.

There's also lots of cool artwork to give you an idea of how the world and the people in it looks.

All in all this is a great book and I can't wait to convince my friends to give this system and world a try.

Why should you read it:
If you love roleplaying games, or love Fantasy and want to give roleplaying a chance, this is your book!

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