Saturday, 5 October 2013

TBR Orphans Challenge Update 9

August was a great month for my orphans but September turned out to be a very bad month for them. I didn't get to reading an orphan at all.

The reason was that there were just too many great new books I wanted to read, like The Outside by Laura Bickle.

And 100 Days in Deadland by Rachel Aukes which was so good that after having read the ebook I just had to get it in print so I can hug it and put it on my keeper shelves with my other favorite reads.

October looks like another bad month for my orphans. There are some really cool books coming my way.

And I have to do some homework for my trip to World Fantasy Con (yeah, homework sounds like a good excuse). I'm going to attend a Kaffeeklatsch (basically a talk with coffee and cookies as I understand it) with Holly Black and Sarah Rees Brennan. I have read books by Holly Black, but not by Sarah Rees Brennan, so I really should read Unspoken before going to WFC, don't you think? ;-)


Aurian said...

Yes, you will have even more fun if you have read a book by the authors you are going to meet, and enjoyed the book :) Gives you something to talk about, like a fanpiggy :)

Sullivan McPig said...

Indeed! So far I'm really enjoying Unspoken so the odds of me being a total fanpiggy are high ;-)

Mary Preston said...

Read, most definitely. You will enjoy more & get more from the experience.