Thursday, 22 April 2010

Character Connection

We all have characters we love. Let's spotlight these fantastic creations! Whether you want to be friends with them or you have a full-blown crush on them, you know you love them and want everyone else to love them too!

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I love Severus Snape!
And nope, not in the sex god kind of way.
I think he's the best worked out character in the whole Harry Potter series. I can actually understand why he acts like he does and I can't judge him for the choices he makes especially as he isn't too foolhardy to realise the mistakes he made and redeems himself in the end. I can tell you I wouldn't have read all the Harry Potter books if it wasn't for Severus as none of the other characters spoke to me the way Severus did.


Daria Hlazatova said...

completely agree with you! Severus Snape rocks (as they say :D love him!

Whitney said...

Severus Snape, Sex God! Right on!

The Book Mole said...

Snape is my favorite character in HP - and Alan Rickman comes close to being a sex god! Love the picture!

Jen at Introverted Reader said...

Honestly, Snape always seemed a little too slimy for me, but several of my friends adore him! As you pointed out though, he does prove himself in the end, and I am a sucker for a good redemption story. A re-read would probably change my feelings for him. I love that picture!

Kals said...

I love HP and Snape is definitely an interesting character! The picture is awesome :D

Anna said...

I love Snape, too. He's creepy and mean but there's another side to him, too.

Diary of an Eccentric

Unknown said...

Ooh another Snape fan? Wow, he is so much more popular than I realised. I'm a Ron girl myself. I have to also give a Wow! for the artist who drew that picture. It is beyond awesome.

Sullivan McPig said...

I think I'm one of the view persons if not the only one who wanted to kick Sirius Black's ass in 'The Order of the Phoenix' for how he treated Serverus.