Sunday 2 October 2011

Caressed by Moonlight - Guestpost by Amanda J. Green

Today I have Amanda J. Green as my guest.

Amanda wrote the Historical Paranormal Romance 'Caressed by Moonlight'.
Read Voodoo Bride's review of this book here.

Amanda, welcome to Pearls Cast Before A McPig


Hello, and thank you for having me today.
As some of you know, I am on a blog tour for my current release, Caressed by Moonlight.

Victoria Kingston has to make some decisions. Being a woman in early 1800s London is nowhere near easy. Penniless and orphaned, left to care for her young sister, she must rely on the twisted generosity of her spinster Aunt. There is no love lost between Victoria and her Aunt, who makes it clear that she does not want Victoria around. Her Aunt gives Victoria an ultimatum; she must marry within the month or forfeit custody of her sister. With the help of her friend, Victoria sets about to find a man.

Dorian Vlakhos is nothing Victoria was looking for but everything she needed. He is dark, tall, and is well versed in the art of seduction. But he is no ordinary man; he is a vampire king, who came to London with the hopes of saving his people from the witches that hunt them. Dorian is not interested in marriage but very interested in getting Victoria in his bed for a few nights of pleasure. But once he learns of her troubles, he can’t help up ask for her hand, so that she may keep her sister.

Neither was searching for love but fate had other plans for them. Thrust together they are thrown into a world of darkness where betrayal and death are waiting for them to fall into their trap.

Now, I would like to share an excerpt with you:


Dorian leaned against the doors, his dark eyes following her about the room. She plucked a book from its resting place and began to thumb through it, a bright smile lighting up her beautiful face. So he waited for her to notice him. It did not take long.
She turned and the smile instantly vanished.
“Prince Dorian,” she gasped, her voice would have been inaudible if he were human. She cleared her throat and snapped the book shut once she conquered her surprise. “I had no idea you were coming to this party. When did you arrive?”
“A few moments ago,” he said as he pushed his large form away from the doors.
“Why didn't you continue on with the others?”
“They don't interest me.”
“I don't think we–”
“Lord Rogers,” he continued, his voice turning hard. “Is he a friend of yours?”
Victoria's grip on the book tightened as he drew nearer.
“Yes, and I don't see how that is any business of yours.”
“I beg to differ. Since you are fixed on marrying, I hope you find a man of whom you will quickly tire.”
“Who informed you of my desire for a husband?”
Dorian shrugged. “What young lady doesn’t want a husband? Besides, I have heard rumors that you are prowling around.” He smiled
Her eyes narrowed.
“I do wish you luck. The sooner you become tired of your marriage bed the sooner you will come to mine. Rogers, from what I know of him, is a great and upstanding gentleman. He is perfect for a nice girl, such as you, to marry. But he is also the kind of man that a woman would become bored with easily. Have you tried to have a conversation with the man? He talks mostly of the weather and his fine horses.”
“He is not my only suitor. I have a long list full of others.”
“If the rest are anything like him, I promise you will come happily to my bed.”
“Is that a fact?” she said, her chin stubbornly tilted up.
“That,” he smiled, “is a fact and I'm willing to wait.”
“I will never come skipping to your bed.”
“I have all the time in the world,” he assured her with a shrug. “I can wait.”
“I think it’s time we rejoin the group,” she said.
“Why? They don't know I have arrived and your friends know where to find you.”
“It is hardly decent for us to be alone.”
“Well,” he crossed the room with measured strides, “look around you, kitten,” he said spreading his arms wide, “there is no one here to see us. We are completely alone.”
They now stood an embrace apart. Victoria clutched the book even tighter, her knuckles turning white. She began to chew on her bottom lip nervously and grimaced as a bead of blood welled.
Dorian gazed at the tempting, crimson droplet that colored her luscious lips. He immediately closed the space between them and slowly slid his hand over the delicate flesh of her throat and cupped the back of her neck…


I hope you enjoyed the excerpt and thank you again for having me on your site. I wish everyone happy reading!



Thank you Amanda for sharing this excerpt with our readers. Voodoo Bride and me already read Caressed by Moonlight and we can tell everyone it's a beautiful read.

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