Friday 21 October 2011

Stone Maiden - Book Review

Stone Maiden by Ann Aguirre

What is it about:
Muir is a slave, the lowest of the low. Yet hers is a magic great enough to shake the earth, great enough to topple kings from their thrones, perhaps even great enough to free the gods from their ancient prisons-if only she can free herself first.

Rodhlann is among the last of the Daiesthai, a race of inhuman sorcerers who bled the gods of their magic in order to enjoy limitless power and eternal life. But now, after untold centuries, the Daiesthai have lost the will to live. Only Rodhlann resists oblivion’s siren song. Only he dares to dream of a future for his kind. And for that crime, they will kill him if they can.

What did I think of it:
I'm in love with this book!

The writing is beautiful, the world Aguirre creates both wonderful and cruel and the story itself is epic.

Muir's life changes forever on the day she meets Rodhlann. Her personal growth and the developing relationship between her and Rodhlann are heartbreakingly beautiful and bittersweet to read. I dare anyone to read this book and not wish Muir a well deserved happily ever after. I myself rooted for her from the start.

Muir's life isn't the only one that's changed by her meeting with Rodhlann. The two of them set things on motion that will lead to death, betrayal, violence and hope. There are several storylines in this book following not only Muir and Rodhlann, but also others as they are caught up in the changes.

Aguirre succeeds in making all the characters in this story intriguing at the least and loveable at the best and I found myself caught up in the unfolding events, unable to put down the book as I had to know where it all would lead to.

I can advice this story to anyone who loves beautifully written fantasy. This book is going on my favorites shelf and will be reread often.

Why should you read it:
It's an epic tale about destiny and believing in yourself.

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Laura Bickle said...

I have been wanting to read this, Sullivan! I love Ann's work. Thanks for the awesome review!

Mel said...

I just purchased this last week for my kindle not knowing a huge amount about it but loving her other work. So glad it's a keeper! I can't wait to get started with it now! :)

Sullivan McPig said...

@Laura: I love Ann's writing. It was well worth it to buy this book instead of going for the free PDF.
@Mel: I hope you love it as much as I do.

Anonymous said...

This sounds really good! Thanks for sharing. :)