Thursday 20 October 2011

The Ghost in Me - Book Review

The Ghost in Me
by Shaunda Kennedy Wenger

What is it about:
If you knew a person who was willing to live through your worst nightmare, would you let her? Like any other fourteen-year-old, Myri Anna Monaco has problems she doesn't know how to deal with: a crush on her best friend's boyfriend, a mother who's dating her science teacher, and a "punishment" for a science-project-gone-wrong that lands her in the last place she wants to be--in auditions for the school play. But most girls don't have what Myri has--a ghost named Wren, who not only lives at home, but who is willing to "trade places" whenever she is needed. Although Myri is reluctant at first, Wren's offer becomes a quick and easy solution when her problems collide. However, this brief experience in ghostly possession soon takes Myri's life to new levels. How much will Myri lose to avoid the problems mounting around her? How much will Wren take to fulfill her own desires?

What did I think of it:
This book is meant for the age group 10-14, but can certainly be enjoyed by older readers as well.

The story is fun and recognisable. Ok, not the ghost part obviously, but anyone who's been young once, can relate to how Myri feels. Her fears and uncertainties are more than believable and I can understand why she makes the choices she does and I rooted for her from the start.

The writing is pleasant and the characters feel real. The obstacles Myri encounters could have been a bit more challenging in my opinion, but even without that challenge this is a very enjoyable and fun read.

Why should you read it:
It's a fun, ghostly read for age 10 and up.

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M.A.D. said...

I really like the idea of this *trading places* kind of thing - it does sound like a very enjoyable read :D

ps - I would've SO traded places with ANY one, including the janitor, when I was giving birth lol

Sullivan McPig said...

I have no experience with giving birth myself, but can understand!