Saturday, 4 August 2018

Kissing Coffins - Book Review

Kissing Coffins (Vampire Kisses #2)
by Ellen Schreiber

What is it about:
Not far from Dullsville, someone's lurking in the dark. . . .

After meeting the handsome and shadowy Alexander Sterling, goth-girl Raven's dark world has a bright, new glow. But as in her favorite movie, "Kissing Coffins," Raven knows that love always has its complications, especially when Alexander has a big secret to guard.

When Alexander suddenly disappears, Raven leaves Dullsville to begin a dangerous search to find him. Can she stay safe, no matter who--or what--she encounters on the way?

What did I think of it:
Another quick and fun read.

After the twist at the end of book one I was curious what would happen next. At first it seems like Raven is going to sulk, but a remark by Becky sets her in motion and she is going in search of Alexander. I liked that part of this book is set in another town and I loved the Goth club Raven visits in her search for Alexander. I wouldn't have minded if more of the story had been placed there.

There are new characters introduced. I really liked her aunt and her younger brother is also interesting in my opinion. Raven herself is reckless and unthinking at times and is soon in danger. Will she find Alexander? And will she get out of this new adventure unscathed?

All in all just as enjoyable as the first book. This book ends on a cliffhanger, so I immediately started on book three.

Why should you read it:
It's an entertaining and enjoyable YA read.

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