Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Oliver Twisted - Book Review

Oliver Twisted
by J.D. Sharpe and Charles Dickens

What is it about:
The world according to Oliver Twisted is simple. Vampyres feed on the defenceless, orphans are sacrificed to hungry gods and if a woe-begotten catches your scent it will hunt you forever.

On the advice of a corpse, Oliver flees his ghastly orphan life to seek his destiny in the dark streets of old London Town, despite the perils of the woe-begotten zombie-infested journey. There he meets the shadowy Dodger, the evil old soul-stealer Fagin, and the menacing Bill Sikes, who is more beast than man.

But will Oliver Twisted be the world's salvation, or its downfall?!

What did I think of it:
I received this book as a present from Beanie. He knows what I like!

This book is a retelling of Oliver Twist, but with Vampires, zombies, and more added to it. And it is a really cool read. Once I started I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting.

I have read the original book long ago, but remembered enough to recognize some events although they were of course tweaked in a way I was totally on board with. Other events I didn't remember so clearly and after reading the book I looked up the plot of the original story to see how different this story was was the original.

I must say I liked some the characters more than I liked them in the original story, especially Dodger. I was eager to see what would happen to my favorite characters and if Oliver would make the right choices.

All in all a really cool retelling and it will join my other mashup booksto be reread when I'm in the mood.

Why should you read it:
You mean you weren't sold on the book after reading the tagline "Please, sir. I want some gore."?

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Beanie Mouse said...

Oh excellent!!!! (please mark it as in your permanent collection on bookcrossing though!!) So pleased you enjoyed it too!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Will do!