Wednesday 31 July 2013

TBR Orphans Challenge Update 7

I actually managed to read 2 books for my Orphans challenge this month!

I finally picked up Dead and Gone which has been on my shelves for ages because I was angry at Sookie about things that happened in the book before this. And I can say although Sookie and I will never be friends I liked this book enough to be tempted to continue this series.

Blood Before Sunrise was the other Orphan that finally got my attention. I'm still in two minds about this series I will confess. I like the action, but the character interactions are driving me insane.

How about you?
Did you read anything that has been gathering dust on your shelves?

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Aurian said...

I decided I did like the Shaede Assassins, it is original and I do like the many different creatures. But I still hate Xander.